Computer not updating gpo

Computer Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ System \ Remote assistance \ "Offer Remote Assistance" Computer Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Autoplay Policies \ "Turn off Autoplay" These policies are applied against specific containers, but are not applying in both our production environment and our VMWare test lab, even with clean installs.I have tried with the Firewall and AV disabled on both client and server, without success, and has no effect either.I ask this because your Gpresult also says that your domain type is of Windows 2000 which probably does not have that option (I am assuming this because Win 2000 pre-dates Powershell), Activate the GPO setting "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" (in Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Logon).Once this has applied (can take a few reboots), all future GPO edits will reliably apply on the next boot.And how come Default Domain Policy GPO is not experiencing these problems?It sounds to me like your clients aren't using your DCs as their DNS servers.Domain based Group Policies override Local Group Policy settings, they do not overwrite Local Group Policy settings.

GPupdate reports back that it cannot access the policies in question, when trying to browse to the location, the machine fails to access the location.

But after a few days pass, I do see (for example, network shares) being applied and actually working.

As you can see, here is a Windows 7 PC after gpupdate: This means it is being applied.

When I run gpupdate, the User Settings are applied successfully, but I get an error when it tries to update Computer Settings. The following errors were encountered: The processing of Group Policy failed.

Windows could not obtain the name of a domain controller. Verify your Domain Name System (DNS) is configured and working correctly. What DNS errors would cause User Settings to be applied but Computer Settings to not be?

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