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During days out and sleepovers Gemma learned Jessica and her other victim's tastes in boys.

Having told ‘Luke’ she didn’t want to see him anymore, Jessica was contacted on MSN by Connor Mc Cormack, also Gemma, saying he was a friend of Luke.

You know, like women’s experiences of the wage gap, objectification, and rape. For some strange reason, the women of the world did not react to Dave Hon’s essay with violent weeping at the prospect of never becoming his wife.

He is later replaced by Gil in the band, after he moves to California for college.

Dave is mentioned a few more times as a long distance boyfriend but the relationship between Lane and Dave ends after a fight over the marriage jug - the last mention of him.

The pair met in the US, where Dave is an executive for cab app Uber.

Until recently, Virginia-born Lynn, 31, was director of partnerships and portfolio products at NBC Universal in New York.

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