Dating old wedding photos

The pair had appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine mere months before their wedding, in July 1953, perched on the sloping deck of a sailboat off of Cape Cod, both of them smiling, windblown, emphatically New England-y, beside the cheeky headline, "Senator Kennedy Goes a-Courting." They were both from prominent, monied, influential families, and they were frequently, together and apart, featured in what are still occasionally called the "society pages" of major newspapers.

When they married in Rhode Island on September 12, 1953, it was national news.

The photographer for the event was Terry Richardson. It [was] the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to.” Pharrell and Helen are already the parents to a four-year-old son named Rocket.

“Usher and Busta Rhymes did a mini concert at the wedding,” a source told .

Ivana has been quoted as saying, "in 50 years Donald and I will be considered old money like the Vanderbilts." The two went on to have three children — Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump.

We trolled the Internet for a photo of the OG wife of the Donald on their wedding day, but unfortunately came up with nada.

Track down all your family snaps by contacting known relatives.

You could even try contacting distant cousins, perhaps the descendants of ancestors who emigrated overseas. I thought I already had all known photos of my mother, Ivy Shrimpton (1931-1980), but recently my 91-year old aunt, living in Canada since 1944, sent me a previously unseen snapshot of Ivy as an 8-year old child. Images of forebears could also be found in public collections, including dedicated photographic archives, local archives and record offices, old newspapers, trade or work-related periodicals.

Outside, 2,000 society fans, some come to Newport by chartered bus, cheered the guests and the newlyweds as they left the church.Williams and Gilbert applied for a marriage license in Tennessee last month, had reported.Several eyewitnesses and fans posted on social media adorable photos from their wedding ceremony and the reception.Long before the heady, rock star-like run for the White House, before "Ich bin ein Berliner," before the Cuban Missile Crisis, the pillbox hats, Marilyn's "Happy birthday, Mr.President," Camelot and the limo drive through Dallas, John and Jackie Kennedy were a young newlywed couple much like any other newlywed couple — with one notable difference: by the time of their wedding they were, in a sense, already superstars.

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