James rhine dating rachel big brother online internet personals and dating nj

They might get some beer or the chance to barbeque on a grill, instead of just typical sandwiches, cereal, etc. If they take someone off, the HOH then has to pick a replacement nominee.

Every year following the finale of Big Brother there is the notorious WRAP PARTY where BIG BROTHER house guests both past and present get to celebrate yet another season with their fans and all others involved in the reality series.

The last 6 people voted out go to the jury house, along with the person from the final 3 who isn't picked to be in the final 2.

( In the first few seasons they didn't have this option so everyone voted.) The jury then asks the final 2 some questions, and based on their answers combined with their game-play throughout the season, they vote for who they want to win.

The only concrete reason Rhine gives for ghosting his old hook-up Jessica for the younger and sassier Alexis is that Alexis is more fun.

Also, there was nothing serious going on between him and Jessica.

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