Validating blackberry email

The message that shows on the "Email Settings" page is, "A new Blackberry device has been detected.You must move your email account to receive email on this device..." So, I tried to validate my email. Since I got a new phone, I have to validate my email to use it again ON the new phone.Anyone know what could be wrong, or how to add a new email or something? well the way you normally do it is to backup up everything on pc using blackberry desktop, then when you get a new phone you connect to pc and select switch phones on desktop, then all the data from old phone is backed up, you then connect new phone and restore all data to it.with your problem i can only think of maybe deleting the email account, remove battery and replace, then try entering the email account again in set up. but go to blackberry support on pc or blackberry forums, maybe more answers there.All Army users will have their account created automatically within 24 hours of receiving your CAC. CSM), you have to visit an ID card office to get it corrected.You can call the Army Enterprise Service Desk-Worldwide at 866-335-2769 to find out who your Entitlement Manager is for your command if you've had your CAC longer than 48 hours. Dual Persona is an Army Reserve [or Guard] Soldier who is [or has ever been a Do D civilian (or contractor)] theoretically you were authorized to carry two CACs at the same time, some time in your life).But there is not harm logging into the BIS site and checking things.It's not like they are asking you to send it via email.

I'm positive that I'm using the right password when I'm trying to validate it on my phone, so that's not an issue.

In the "Signal" field, verify that the value is above -100 Bm. If the signal is weaker than -100 Bm (the figure you see is smaller, e.g., -110 Bm), the signal strength in your area is too weak for normal functions.

If your signal is stronger than -100 Bm (with a larger number, e.g., -90 Bm), continue troubleshooting.

E-I have switched BB's many times and never had to confirm my password.

I have had to log on to the BIS website to change my device PIN, but that's it.

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